Creative solutions for online communication

Our communication agency assists businesses in growing through innovative and creative marketing strategies. Discover how we can help your business succeed.


Marketing and communication agency specialized in performance and results. Our team offers comprehensive services in Press Office, Marketing Consultancy, Public Relations, Digital Strategies, Media Planning, Advertising Graphics, and Branding.


Idea, creation, and renewal of personal and business websites, based on industry studies and with customized graphics.


Creation of personal and business photo books. Emphasis on details to make each shot unique and highlight specific features.


The world in motion. Creating interviews, stories, tutorials, and teasers to present your business in the best possible way.


Organization and planning of live events, meetings, exhibitions, and more. Study of the ideal location, complete event management from A to Z.


FGI STUDIO creates high-quality renderings on demand for any type of activity. From faithful reproductions of what you want to build or renovate, our 3D renderings are now considered a necessary condition to show that your dream will become reality. Show others what you want to create with FGI STUDIO!

Strategic Planning

A solid starting base is a necessary condition for everything.

We take care of the entire corporate image, including the creation and/or restyling of websites, video editing, photographic services, rendering, and more.
We organize various types of events, from Live to Corporate, including full and complete support for participation in trade fairs, both nationally and internationally.

Brand Strategy

We study the reality of the things that surround you. We know well what it means to be unique.


Managing things. Time well spent for an activity / company that can be successful!


We develop any project related to your business with a maniacal attention to detail.


I am no longer sure, once I was, that you can improve the world with a photograph. However, I remain convinced that bad photographs make it worse.

FGI Studio specializes in the realization of any kind of event, from concept to completion. Our attention to detail and originality sets us apart in organizing authentic and emotional events. Whether it’s corporate meetings or conventions, conferences or seminars, product launches or inaugurations, corporate team building or awards ceremonies, private parties or experiential marketing campaigns, trade shows or digital events, FGI Studio takes care of everything, including location, catering, entertainment, graphic design, video production, photography, and more.

In the different sections you will be able to explore the various types of main events that we are able to organize. If you need something more appropriate or specific, just contact us.


Tell me what you need, where you want to go, your main goal.

The limit to imagination is just a point of view.

Imagine a reality where beauty and effectiveness come together in perfect harmony. Working together towards achieving your dreams by creating businesses that perform to their fullest potential. Let’s make your dreams a reality.

Establishing the perfect connection with a customer is not an easy task. That’s why at FGI STUDIO, we study the characteristics of your business, analyze the desired target audience, and leverage industry professionals to achieve the desired outcome.